Pinter's Violin Shop
Pinter's Violin Shop
Pinter's Violin Shop is a Chicago-based string instrument dealer.We specialize in violin sales, violin repairs, violin restoration, and violin rentals
Because this is handwork, you have to put your soul into it
— Laszlo Pinter, Chicago Tribune 1985

Coming Full Circle

We welcome you to learn more and find out how Laszlo Jr. is breathing new life into his vibrant family tradition. Feel free to immerse yourself in the old photos and articles that shed light on the works of both Laszlo Pinter Jr. and Sr. As a full service violin shop we continually update our inventory of instruments and accessories so be sure to check back often.


We are now open after 20 years, we have reopened Pinter’s Violin Shop under the care and attention of Laszlo Pinter Jr, son of Master Violin Maker Laszlo Pinter Sr. Join us as you browse this site and learn about our family history. Our galleries showcase the master works of Laszlo Sr, as well as examples of Jr’s Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass instrument repairs and restorations.


 “When my father passed he left me his cello - it was in dire need of repair. I remember him telling me of a fine violin and repair man named Pinter. I had the  graces of meeting his son, Laszlo, who was his father's apprentice. He basically rebuilt my cello which sounds wonderful for an instrument that's 100 years old. Great work. I haven't played any new ones that sound as good. Laszlo is one of the last great craftsman with an old school legacy. I would recommend him to any musician who needs high quality work.”

- Randy M

Laszlo is one of the last great craftsman with an old school legacy.

We are proudly located in Humboldt Park, chicago